Rock of Ages (1st in Series) Necklace with Semi-Precious Stones Maximize

Rock of Ages (1st in Series) Necklace with Semi-Precious Stones

Cross pendant with real stones gathered in Bismarck, ND historical Mandan Indian Village site.  Chain comprised of polished stones and silver spacers.

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I love rocks! And this piece is full of them. And this one is very special to me because the pendant was created using rocks that I picked up at my favorite hiking hill located at the Mandan Indian Earth Lodge Historical site in North Dakota.

For the base of the pendant, I sprinkled some small pebbles into a cross shaped bezel on top of a layer of 3D crystal lacquer. I then placed some pretty and colorful rocks (including a gorgeous moss agate) that I found on top of the pebbles and secured them with more lacquer. I did all of this right on the site while sitting on the ground. Then I took it home and sprayed a layer of high gloss spray lacquer over the top to add some bright polish to the pretty rocks.

For the chain I used a selection of beautiful natural polished rocks that I wired together by hand using 20 gauge silvertone wire. I included a few silver spacer accents to the chain.